A single source of expertise in 24/7 managed services.

Choosing SATELLIZ lets you rely on a single source of expertise.
With peace of mind.


Round-the-clock industries

Your applications
work 24/7.
So does our team.


Response Time: 15 minutes

We respond to any incident within 15 min.
It’s contractually guaranteed.


One single interface

Complete monitoring - QoS, QoE, etc. - for a 360° view.



Our universal solution is compatible with any Cloud.
Including yours.


SLA Control

Accurate SLA metrics, calculated automatically (finally!), factoring in downtime for maintenance, etc...


Peace of mind

All-inclusive packages, without variable costs, flexible agreement: we love peaceful relations!

Total control and significant reduction
in production costs.

All the benefits of the « as a service » mode for budgetary peace of mind at every level.

« All inclusive » packages

We offer all-inclusive subscription packages, priced based on your platform's characteristics or cost units, including the number of servers, containers, etc. 

We attach great importance to ensuring the transparency of our price schedules.

Metering and predicting your costs will finally become a reality, making it easy to adapt our packages to your business model.

No variable costs.

Our services have all-inclusive prices based on the “net cost estimate, which excludes all the hidden costs of the conventional service model.

The hidden (unanticipated) costs are, by definition, forgotten in the calculation of profitability of monitoring projects: the costs of risks, of employee turnover, of training, HR, effects of cannibalization, loss of productivity related to 24/7 constraints, etc.


Our services are industrialized and pooled on a large scale.

Whether our SaaS monitoring tool or our 24/7 incident management services, it's all based on hardware, software and/or human resources used for multiple customer projects.

This results in substantial savings compared with an “in-house” dedicated approach where the number of projects is insufficient to ensuring a return on the investments in material and human resources. … it takes at least six people to ensure 24/7 service!